Secret Dubai

Intrigue and Adventure in the United Arab Emirates







Video viewing FAQ

The video on Secret Dubai video diary uses the new H.264 codec, and needs QuickTime 7 to run.

1. What do I do if I use Mac?
You probably already have QuickTime 7 installed, do a Software Update to check.

2. What do I do if I use Linux?
Linux people are clever enough to figure out their own workarounds.

3. What do I do if I use Microsoft?
First: check if you have QuickTime 7 installed. If not, get it from here (it's bundled with iTunes unfortunately, meaning a bigger download).

Second: if you have QuickTime 7 installed, and it claims to be the latest version, don't believe it. Try deinstalling, redownloading from here, and installing that instead.

Third: if nothing works, try downloading and installing QuickTime Alternative.

4. The obvious question: why not use a more established and universally accessible codec?
* H.264 is the best codec available right now: gives stunning results for the tiniest file size.
* H.264 is beautifully easy to create on a Mac with QuickTime Pro.
* These videos are currently free to view, so it's up to viewers to adapt if they want to.

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